Tone Studio works together with you from sound recording to finished product. Our expertise ensures flexibility, creativity, and continuity for outstanding performances and results that meet your highest standards. We adapt to your production needs and welcome you in our cutting-edge facilities, which provide a listening experience so precise and transparent that it is worthy of the finest mastering rooms.


Film, television, video games, web, radio, installation, presentation



  • Voice-over recording, rythmo band dubbing
  • Sound effects
  • Sound design and editing
  • 5.1 mixing
  • Outputs
  • Digital distribution



  • Composition and music design
  • Voice and musical instrument recording
  • Arrangement and orchestration
  • 5.1 mixing and mastering
  • Integration in Wwise



  • Random playback algorithm development for sound installations
  • Mixing for multiphonic playback (8 to 24 voices)

IMG_8950-Picture-start-service5.1 Mixing

Thanks to our spacious control room, we can mix your projects in a film environment. With its acoustic treatment and sound system built for the finest of mastering rooms, you will be able to appreciate both the large dynamic ranges and the subtleties of your mix.

Sound Creation

One-of-a-kind atmospheres, striking effects, subtle designs, we shape and create sound effects that bring life to your productions.

Our Foley room, recording equipment and listening room meet the highest industry standards. Our well-stocked sound effect database —combining the best databases in the industry with sound effects recorded directly in the field— helps us strike just the right tone. Let us know about your needs, and we will create the soundscape you need.


With DubStudio, we can dub anything both quickly and efficiently. We work only with the best translators, adaptors, and dubbing directors.

james_duhamel_2015-408-serviceComposing for Moving Images

Composing for moving images is at the heart of Tone Studio. Since we were all trained as composers, music has been our way into the audiovisual industry. Today, a total of six composers share the space, working day in, day out on your next musical theme.

Be it with a grand orchestra or an organic, rhythmic atmosphere in the style that best suits your project, we have the expertise and resources to create music that fits your artistic vision and budget, from recording to mastering.